Finding purpose and making progress

As we hustle and grind our way through life, it's easy to forget what we're working towards. We can be so focused on the day-to-day that we lose sight of our long-term goals and what we're really trying to achieve.

If you forget the purpose of your work and lose sight of your goals, it can be difficult to avoid burnout, because you don't know if you're making progress.

We wanted to build something that helped us stay focused on our goals, and measure our progress along the way, even when it wasn't clear.

That's why we built Magicflow, the productivity tracker that helps you focus on putting quality time into your goals, and helps you figure out how your sleep and exercise affects your productivity.

How Magicflow works

With Magicflow, you can:

-Set goals and track your progress

-See how your sleep and exercise affects your productivity

-Get insights and tips on how to improve your productivity

-Share your progress with friends and family to stay accountable

If that sounds compelling, start achieving your purpose and making progress today with Magicflow!

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