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I’ve tried all the productivity and time-tracking tools out there, but they all were missing something.

None of them actually help you get into flow and stay in flow the way that Magicflow does. Huge fan!

Jason Jin

What I love about Magicflow is that it's actionable. Other productivity apps just display your data.

Magicflow goes one step further and tells you what you can do to become more productive.

Vasek Mljensky

Instead of the standard focus just on time spent, Magicflow lets me dive into how well I’m working.

The advanced insights help me see what’s affecting my focus and make tweaks to my schedule.

Ore Ogundipe


See how context switches kill your productivity

The Ethi platform lets you see how companies track, profile and target you and your friends, and the risks your data poses.

Understand your data

Unlock the insights hidden in your data

FaceErase helps you delete the Facebook data that you no longer want them to keep, 10x faster than doing it yourself.

Clean up your tracks

Start focus sessions to keep you in the zone

Use your data to get tab management superpowers while surfing the web. Supersurfer helps you manage information overload online.

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